Work and Clients

“Oh, it’s so great! I really didn’t think we needed to hire anyone to write this, but I love this so much! You really captured the essence of what we do.”

I often get a call like this after my first time submitting work to a client, and it always makes me smile. I love helping people craft a message that clearly communicates what makes them unique.

I’m a skilled interviewer, able to ask just the right question to get a perfect quote or anecdote. I love talking to people about what they do and what makes their work or company unique. I can write your website, white paper, blog, print materials or social media – anything that needs the right words to stand out.

Who do you work for?

I work for a variety of clients, most of them small business people who are so busy running their business they don’t have time to write about it. I help them with websites, brochures, blogs, social media, emails and really whatever needs getting done.

A few of my recent clients:

It’s sort of an odd list, isn’t it? One of my strengths as a writer is mastering your line of work within the span of a short interview – at least well enough to explain it to your audience. I love getting to know small businesses and the entrepreneurs that make them great.

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