“I’d always wanted to create more content to educate my clients and advance my business, but I never had time. Megan took my somewhat scattered content and organized, primed, polished and SEO’d it in a way I could have never done, saving me hours upon hours of time. She helped me create content that was immediately respected and brought me to the forefront as a respected provider in my field. Working with Megan has not only been a joy but a game-changer. Her skills have impacted my business exponentially!

Megan sees the needs of my business and my clients, and is ready to serve them before I know what’s happening. I cannot recommend her enough. I’m surprised you haven’t already hired her!”

-Kelly O’Brien Pahman, owner, St. Brigid’s Craniosacral Therapy

Megan is my secret weapon. She can take pages and pages of content and edit it down to the most important elements. She then delivers the final drafts in a creative and thoughtful way. I look forward to projects we team up on!

-David Hodges, Hodges Design

“Megan has been a real asset to our team. She brings us topics that are relevant and interesting to our audience, creates content that is well-written and gets high engagement. The experience is completely turn-key – from topic to placement, the great ideas get out to our audience in a seamless process. This is a huge benefit given our small staff. I highly recommend Megan to anyone needing smart, high-performing content.”

– Hilary Hunt, Vice President, Texas Legal

“Megan is an excellent writer and social media guru. The blog posts, articles, and social media posts she has written for our clients have always increased engagement and traffic to the website, thereby increasing awareness of the clients’ brand and product. Megan goes the extra mile to not only post on social media, but to also manage the advertising budget and account. She understands the ins and outs of the Facebook advertising platform, adapting as the algorithm changes. Megan would be an asset to any creative team, and I highly recommend working with her. “

– Mindy Klement, MRK Marketing