Stories and Awards

Ah, my journalism days! They were glorious. Here are a few of my favorite clips, along with some awards I won for my work.

Why experts say Chicago parents should worry about the drinking water – Long before lead in water was in the mainstream media, I was covering it in Chicago.

Abbott HotelChicago’s Disappearing SROs – a series on the plight of single-room-occupancy hotels in Chicago.

As Hotel Chateau closes, couple fears becoming homeless – a photo gallery and slice-of-life story focusing on one couple living in the Chateau, an SRO in Lakeview

Dwindling SROs: Hotel Chateau residents fear they’ll soon be homeless – enterprise piece on the fate of the Hotel Chateau, with perspectives from residents and neighbors of the building and its current status in housing court

Mapping lost housing: Lakeview’s disappearing SRO hotels – interactive google map with information on the status of Lakeview’s SROs, most of which have been closed in the last two years.

Lakeview Shedding Affordable Housing Units: an interview with reporter and activist Bob Zuley

6000569831_6958f65801_mNo 8’s Housing activists in Cook County are looking to pass legislation making it illegal for landlords to discriminate against Section 8 renters. Advocates and renters say it’s one of the few remaining tools we have to fight segregation, but landlords say they shouldn’t be forced to participate in the program.

No 8s: Should Cook County outlaw discrimination against Section 8 voucher holders?

No 8s: Landlords say vouchers cause business headaches they shouldn’t be forced to take on

No 8s: Commissioners divided over outlawing voucher discrimination in Cook County

No 8s: Is not accepting voucher holders discrimination or avoiding red tape headaches?

Photo credit: Matti Matilla

The link between lead poisoning and underperforming students – With mounting evidence that lead poisoning results in lower test scores, more children repeating grades, and worse, why has so little been done in Chicago to reverse the damage?

Bolingbrook woman takes on housing authority, Freddie Mac to keep herself from being evicted 

Unlucky 13 – An increasing number of people, particularly minorities, are turning to a form of bankruptcy that offers less relief from debt and more risk.

Empty Jackpot – The state of Illinois claims to be meeting its goals when it comes to contracting with minority and women owned businesses. But are those numbers as solid as they claim?

Payday Roulette  – Low-wage health care workers in Chicago are getting their paychecks months late. The company blames the bankrupt state, but records don’t support their claims.

99ers-hdrMeet the 99ers – Series for on people who maxed out their unemployment after the recession and were still looking for work.

Louise – “Even McDonald’s Won’t Hire Me”

Susan – “I’m Scared”

Doug – “The American Dream Is a Living Nightmare”

Yvonne – “We May Never Be Gainfully Employed Again”

Ricky – “We Played By the Rules, and Now We’ve Lost Everything”

Sexually harassed as an intern? Sorry, it’s hard to fight – Interns occupy a legal limbo that makes it difficult for them to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Student loan debt fear made me skip fancy schools for a free one – An essay about my choice to attend college on scholarship, rather than rack up debt at a more prestigious university.